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SWEETSUINIX REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS is a Real Estate Investment organization fully incorporated in Nigeria to handle holistic real estate transactions with a strong base in Lagos and is made up of professional real estate and property technocrats and a team of legal practitioners for effective real estate delivery, we remain the number one to beat in the real estate industry.


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Sweet Air Paradise provides 2-5 bedroom bungalow planned on a peaceful residential area of a world class of 300sqm, 450sqm and 600sqm respectively.

Land Investment

Land Investment is one of our priority.We have affordable plots of land in a peaceful and PARADISE residential area from the Eastern part of Nigeria with a payment platform of your choice.

Block of Flat

Sweet Air Paradise Block of Flat will consist of 2-5 bedroom flats, parking area well laid with beautiful green flowers and an adorable environment.

About buying

Sweetsuinix Estates are now been proposed in over 12 locations in Lagos, Ogun, Enugu, Anambara and Imo States

Sweet Air Paradise has taken Real Estate Investment to the Eastern Land at an affordable price.We have Sweet Airs' plot of land in various States in the Eastern land with their outright payment each.We give our clients the benefit of instalmental payments:

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Our Products

Sweet Air Paradise School

Sweet Air Paradise Group of school is a standard world class school

for both primary and secondary school.It will entail well equiped learning acquisition skills,recreation center,car park and hostels.

Our Group of School will will be conducive for both learners an teachers.It will be spacious and adorned with beautiful green flowers.

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Did you know?

Sweet Estate are well laid out with good access roads

to be provided by the developer. The estate will appreciate very fast due to well chosen locations, super infrastructures,operations of estate shuttles,market & plaza,waste management sysytem,availabilty of group & indidvidual mortgage plan e.t.c

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