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Sweet Air Paradise School

Sweet Air Paradise will accomadate Group of school that is a standard world class school

for both primary and secondary school.It will entail well equiped learning acquisition skills,recreation center,car park and hostels.

The Group of School will be conducive for both learners and teachers.It will be spacious and adorned with beautiful green flowers

Sweet Air Estate

Sweet Air Paradise Recreational Center

Sweet Air Paradise Estate is an investment that will be in a commercial area.The estate will be in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Sweet Air Paradise Estate will also accomodate recreational center for relaxation and fun.The recreation center will be for both children and adult.It will include bars, cinemas, swimming pool, fun factory for children.

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Did you know?

Sweet Estates are well laid out and will

appreciate very fast due to well chosen locations, super infrastructures,operations of estate shuttles,market & plaza e.t..

Sweet Air Paradise Hospital

Sweet Air Paradise hospital is a standard world class hospital

that will accomadate a world class specialist hospital with the state of the art equipment for effective and affordable health care service.

The hospital will include car park that is used in other advanced country.

Sweet Air Malls & Hotels

Sweet Air Paradise Estate will accomadate a world class Five star hotel for international travellers short and long stays.

Sweet Air Paradise Estate is specially designed for your commercial activities.

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Sweet Island and Coast

We delightfully bring this mix development package to your tasteful delight.

Island Plaza

  • Island Court Office
  • Island Clinic
  • Island Police Post
  • Island Cash Point
  • Residential Plot ₦850k
  • Commercial Plot ₦1.250M
  • Half Plot for half price

Island Specials

  • Beach Arena
  • Recreational Center
  • Fishing Zone
  • Fish Processing Center
  • Boat Cruise

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